Below is a screenshot of my chapbook. I decided to create it on my iPad using Book Creator. This is a new app I haven’t used before but I thoroughly enjoyed creating my own book. I love the idea of chapbooks and have created many before however with modern technology I thought it silly to have a hand made one. I would want to add photos and different fonts and texts from a computer, resulting in me having to print them onto paper, using ink, cutting and pasting it onto more paper (in my book) and that just seems a waste. How much easier is it with modern technology to get creative with fonts, images, quotes etc. and combine them into a book? Of course the down side to technology is that there is always glitches or things that you don’t know how to do. In my case, I could not figure out how to export my book onto my blog for you all to enjoy so I have resulted to screen shotting it and hoping you all can see each page.

I am unsure if this is the “right” way to make a chapbook but it is my way and my self expression…



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