Pablo Picasso style art

Today I decided to attempt a Picasso style of art work and see how I go. I think this is something that can be adapted for students and is an easier way to warm up to doing portraits and self portraits and allows for more self-expression.

I began by looking at the site “the artist woman”, a teacher’s steps for children to follow to do a Picasso style of self-portraits. This was amazing step by steps and photos to illustrate to copy.

I began by drawing the outline of my face and took photos of myself front on and side for me to refer to and help to get the basic structure for the faces.



I then went over my drawing with a felt pen to outline the hard lines.

Pen outline van gough style

I then uploaded a picture onto my iPad and used the app ToonPaint to colour in sections of my drawing.


Clearly before I start teaching I need to work on my iPad colouring in techniques (how hard is it with big adult fingers to colour in the lines!). Apart from this I am very happy with my achievements and would definitely use this in a future classroom.


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